What is Fiber Cement?

An overview of fibre cement.

Fibre Cement is a composite material composed of cement reinforced with strands of fiberglass. The flexural strength of this material is impressive, since it can withstand harsh weather well. It is also very durable when there are fluctuations in moisture and temperature, unlike the traditional concrete. In many kinds of climates, it will last for years without warping, crumbling or cracking. It’s very suitable for narrow areas with a lot of vehicles, like hotels, restaurants and supermarkets’ entrance. This material’s appearance can also look very similar to concrete, iron or lead, but it is up to 80% lighter than those materials.

For your containers’ safety, please raise it above the surface and make sure that the drainage hole is clear in the winter. If you do that properly, water can flow through the holes without freezing and thawing inside the pot and create cracks. You should also bring them inside your house in the winter, keep it in a safe and cool place which isn’t affected by harmful elements.


First, the wet fibre cement is moulded into shape. After that, to create frost-resistant pots, we dry the material. Each product is fully recyclable, environment-friendly and will last for decades, showing the pride of the Vietnamese industry of pottery and the expertise of Vietnamese workers passed down through generations.