Using flowerpots in campus of the house

  1. Flowerpots for villa:

The villa is a model of house that has been appeared for hundreds of years with imprinting cultural, climatic, geographical marks. They are suitable for feng shui’s flowerpots because the green flowerpots with vitality prosperity will cover the vein lobe of the villa. Flowerpots are not only beautiful but also can neutralize the disadvantages of feng shui of a house.

In designing house, decorating with flowerpots for indoor spaces is more popular because people love the appearance of green plants in their villas. The Wood element makes spaces become closer to nature, besides, with feng shui of the villa, it also helps to enhance the vitality of the house. Moreover, in rural areas, plants are considered as a cloak covering the house. In highland areas, they are also a shield against the cold climate for the house.


A small flowerpot placed in certain place is more likely to a curtain obstructing the flowing of bad energy for the villa. Therefore, decorating with flowerpots is necessary and important to your living spaces. According to the concepts of feng shui , putting some flowerpots in your house will increase the vitality for your family, but it is not good when using flowerpots without complying the rules of nature (elements of feng shui), especially, you must also take are of the fate of the owners when choosing flower pots. The fate of a person always associates with the properties of natural elements. Wood element is wood, Fire element is fire, Land element is the land, Metal element is metal and Water element is water. Being based on these features and combined with five elements to choose flower pots, they also have to be choosen based on their designs and colors. Plants with Wood element are usually destined crude, with flat canopy ,are not sharp like plants with Fire or Metal element, and are not soft as plants with Water element. Fire element’s plants are red plants; plants with yellow flowers are the type of Land element;the white color of flowers are Metal element and plants having curving shape are Water element. The houses and villas are having large spaces,so it is a special idea to create green spaces in these places to make them close to the nature environment and have a special style.

  1. Flowerpots for buildings:

Buildings are built up everywhere, that reduces the natural spaces . With the urgent need of people to have a green space in the city ,selecting appropriate flowerpots is an important step to bring nature into the city.

No matter how large or small houses are, there are always ways to create a green space for relaxing after a busy day. For large houses, the designs is very simple, but for medium and small spaces, you should choose small flowerpots which don’t occpy a lot of spaces . At the entrance, the best choice is Bougainvillea or Ashoca tree to create a special view for the gate (they grow easily, and can live with different soil, have sun resistance,are easy to take care for and always have flowers).With two sides of the hallway, you should plant some small flowers and if there are enough spaces, you should put a small terrazzo planter , a penjing or you can hanging flower baskets like Ochild or Laurel on the walls.

If the buildings have large gardens, you should not build fences around these places, you should choose a design that create an attractive view from the inside to outside of spaces. Thus, in terms of aesthetic, people will enjoy the beauty of these spaces and in terms of feng shui, they are the circulated elements for vitality flowing.


Stairs, porches, walkways are suitable for small, beautiful flower pots to keep a natural harmony for the house. The ornamental plants such as Orchids, Cymbidium, Stripes Chinese Evergreen Plant…will bring an attractive beauty and a new source of abundant energy to indoor spaces and living spaces.

Square Shape Black Clay Flower Pot
"Square Shape Black Clay Flower Pot"
Dark clay Pots and Planters, Black Clay Pots and Planter

  1. Flowerpots for apartments:

When designing the house, the owners usually spend a certain time to decorate all spaces of the house as well as create a green space for their house. However, for small spaces in apartments, creating a green space is not easy. The lack of green spaces is popular because apartments are very difficult to be designed to have extra spaces, even finding places to put flowerpots is also hard.

Typically, the apartment’s balcony is about 3m square, this area is just enough for a small family; however, we can make the spaces look larger by hanging flower baskets and flowerpots on the walls or attaching the fiberglass planters to the railings…

The living room of an apartment often connects to the kitchen, so the arrangement for indoor plants sometimes is limited because if you put them closer to the kitchen, the plants will lose their utility and beauty and the bad situation is that plants can be withered. Therefore, the optimal solution for the living room is choosing the plants which have strong ability to grow and you must put them in the positions that can’t prevent the view as well as the daily activity of people. The most effective way is choosing the colorful jars, vases with pleasant aroma and putting them on the dining table or on shelves…

The bedroom of an apartment suitable for using flowerpots; but that needs some conditions such as: the room must has windows because most of the plants can purify the air, absorb harmful gases. Thus, in order to maximize the benefits of plants, you must create a good environment for them.

There are many kinds of plants for indoor spaces , but you should consider carefully to choose appropriate plants for your spaces. Balcony is a place that have enough conditions for growing plants , so you can use some plants like Tigon flower, Gerbera, Habranthus robustus, Periwinkle… In the living room, plants which have good moisture such as Cordyline, Air plants, Ly Lilium longiflorum, Palm tree, Carnation…In bedroom, you should avoid plants with strong scents that can affect the respiratory and Air Plants, and araliaceous bark is the best choice in these environment.

Antique Style Round Red Terracotta Outdoor Pots
"Antique Style Round Red Terracotta Outdoor Pots"
Vietnam Terracotta Pots and Planters from Hoang Pottery

Through all of the information above, Hoang pottery is sure that you will have a suitable choice to create an ideal and friendly spaces in your house. And if our products meet all of your requirements , do not hesitate to contact us to own these products with good quality and environmental friendliness. When coming to our company, you will have great experiences not only with the quality of products but also with the ability to bring nature into a house – an important factor that is the top priority of our company to create a dynamic and modern spaces. Therefore, instead of living in a narrow space, our products will turn your spaces into new spaces with fresh air and flower pots, which do not only provide fresh air but also help you to be immersed in the nature – an outstanding feature of these products. We always put the quality and prestige on top so you could feel secure when using our products. On the other hand, with the criteria “Serving customer is our honor”, when you have questions and expect to be answered, we are willing to give you advices to help you to solve these issues. In addition, if you are interested in our products, let’s contact us and you will quickly see the presence of our products in your space. You can have peace in your mind that your product will be shipped to your address safely,with no scratches or damages because we pay careful attention to packaging products for customers. Another important factor is freight, we always think of the customers’ benefits so you should have peace in your mind that the freight is not only safe but also has a reasonable price. Moreover, we also have a website for our products that can help customers in different areas or different countries can see the various models of our products as well as their specific information.

According to these suggestions, as well as the detailed information,we hope that you will have satisfied choices for your spaces.

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