Poly-Terrazzo planter

What are poly-terrazzo and the advantages of this kind of material?

Poly-Terrazzo is an extremely dense compound of resin and powered stone. Poly-Terrazzo with gorgeous textured finishes has the look and feel of stone but is more manageable in weight. This material is lighter than conventional stone, but also more durable and stronger.

Having simple clean lines, the poly-terrazzo planters  are stylish, sleek and lightweight. Moreover, they offer outstanding resilience, durability and elegance. These planters have a huge variety and are ideal for both internal and external use. They are also perfect choices for restaurant and hotel decorations.




Weather resistant


Having a smooth surface and are impermeable to water


As being lighter than traditional terracotta or concrete pots,  polystone planters is a good option for people who have gardens where the pots may need to be moved around from time to time.