Create Faux Terrazzo Hanging Planter

Simple steps for creating your own faux terrazzo planter.

Terrazzo is a hot decor trend and that kind of stylish look can be an inspiration for us to create faux hanging planters and bring some colors and greenery to our house. It’s very simple and easy to make these cute pots.



-hanging planter

-paint pens

-nail polish remover

-cotton balls

-mod podge (craft glue)




1. First, draw irregular/abstract dots to mimic the terrazzo look. Don't be afraid or too careful to paint whatever you like because you can easily remove any marks you don't like with a cotton ball and nail polish remover. But it is much easier to start working with one color at time.

These layers of paint applied to the pot can be scratchable so if you want to protect the painted surface you can apply a coat of mod podge on it.


2. Let's the pot dry in 20 minutes.



There's no rule for creating a terrazzo pattern. The pattern itself is random, so if you are unsure of the way you should paint terrazzo effect, there are plenty of inspiration images on the Internet for reference. But the most important thing is that you have fun with it and make it your own unique piece.