Order Guidelines for buying Outdoor Furniture from TDANG.

How To Order

Buying product from TDANG is an easy process with 6 simple steps below:

Step 1. Customers select designs, colors and quantity to order and send the list to us. GET ORDER FORM HERE

Step 2. We will send you a proforma invoice with pictures of all selected designs, total amount and other information for you to review, change as need until customer confirm the order

Step 3. Customers make payments for the deposit to TDANG. We will send a confirmation once we got the payment.

Step 4. We produce, ship the container and then send a commercial invoice to request for the balance of the order. Usually 30-45 days for production.

Step 5. Customer make the payment to us, then we send full shipping document (bill of lading, Invoice, packing List, certificate of Origin, Certificate of Fumigation) to your office, we can make Telex release to your shipping agent, let you get the container without document. Usually it takes 21-30 days shipment from Vietnam to US, 30-35 days to Europe country.

Step 6. Customer check the order and let us know the situation of the order. If there’s any damages, We will credit all the broken value of excess of 3% to the customer. Normally average damage percentage when the container delivered is less than 1%.


Our wicker furniture is hand-wrapped in PE bag, hand-packed on the feet and not on the sides, and shipped by our own fleet of trucks. We want to make sure that it reaches your warehouse in the same condition as when it left our warehouse.

The packing of the products will be done according to the required packing needed. The products will be packed to protect the products and to optimize the loading.

TDANG takes great pride in our packing. We always pack your furniture with lots of care knowing that it has to travel a long distance. We also Note the distance that it has to travel from the delivery port to your door. If you feel that you need extra packing due to long distance Or rough roads on truck from port to your door Please ask.

Barcodes- Hangtag

In order for us to facilitate and assist our customers, we will apply barcodes and hangtags to the products where needed. We can design and follow as per requirement.

Shipping Document

TDANG have a professional back office team, who are able to well handle custom and paper work for you.