Poly Resin is a perfect choice for outdoor furniture because of the durability, weather resistance and ease of care. Wicker chairs are strong, sturdy, rigid, ergonomic and comfortable. It is made from an ultra violet inhibited polypropylene. The outer layer consists of high-density resin which forms a hard outer shell. The interior is constructed of an expanded resin. Wicker has become popular as an affordable option for durable, modern outdoor furniture. Wicker furniture is perfect for both commercial and residential outdoor environments.
Another great thing about resin wicker is that it remains cool to the touch even under the hot sun. This makes it fantastic for the pool or patio area. Wicker is resistant to the outdoors, chlorine and suntan oils. This outdoor living patio furniture won’t warp, crack or mildew. Cushion are durable enough to stay outside, you can use them with UV resistance, waterproof and also fire retardant.
Give any outdoor space an inviting look and feel with wicker patio furniture! Our wicker outdoor furniture is crafted with natural, handwoven all-weather resin wicker for patio pieces that last. Browse our wicker furniture collections in a variety of styles!


Concrete is a stunning material for the outdoors, a statement piece for any modern space, concrete furniture adds a contemporary feel to any outdoor living room. The combination between concrete and fiberglass create lighter concrete furniture up to 50% than pure concrete. So our products can be moved by one to two people.

Although the surface is treated with special sealants that also give a more even surface finish, color depth and protection against moisture, but concrete can and will develop cracks and fine lines with time. This does not affect the integrity or durability of these natural concrete products. When buying concrete outdoor products, one should be comfortable with these naturally occurring aesthetics as they develop over time. This concrete furniture is exceptionally beautiful, well made and built to be outdoors full-time.