You don’t need to take our word for it – read what some of our customers have said…

“The products look incredible – the quality is outstanding, we are really happy with them, so big thank you to you and your team, they are the best”
Robert C. Johansen – Randers, Limo Labels AS, Denmark
“The packing job you did was amazing, everything has so much protection around them, really impressed with how careful you are with packing.
Again, huge thanks! You and team are amazing, just blown away with how amazing they are.”
Matt McMullen- Hampton Rd, South Fremantle, Australia
“Everything arrived safe today. Looks beautiful!!! Thank you very much for your excellent service and great quality. Wish me luck. If I can sell them I will order more. Take care!”
Doug Gardner- 8728 Opal Drive, Tallahassee, FLorida
“Just wanted to let you know that my table & chairs containers were delivered yesterday morning. We unpacked them last night and they are perfect! Thanks for your assistance, I really appreciate it. The concrete tables look great in our showroom! Exactly what I was looking for!”
Paulo Reis - Nieuwkoop Brasil
“Thank you so much. Our containers arrived Thursday and I opened right away and all is perfect again here. Thank you for your attention to my order. It has always been a pleasure to work with your company due to your staff’s professionalism. I will repeat the order soon.”
Toni Blanchard- Ontario, Toronto


Since 2010, TDANG starts to serve customer with complete outdoor solutions!

TDANG is a Vietnamese furniture manufacturer offering outdoor furniture manufactured with outdoor materials including Synthetic Rattan, Raw Concrete and Resin composite concrete made for the outdoors.
Our furniture is created with a simple concept: to offer the customer a wide variety of designs, high-end finishes, quality outdoor material and newest trends of outdoor furniture. Our dedication to quality, style, and reasonable prices allows us to maintain a long lasting relationship with our customers..

We started as a small workshop weaving outdoor furniture for those living from 2010. However, the idea of reaching out to a bigger market remained a distant dream. In 2014 we decide to have a big step with TDANG Company under the help from our customer from Switzerland. It’s really a challenge!
The workshop is now completely re-worked its business model: a young and creative sales team with experience production men at factory. Smarter technology and designs combined with traditional techniques and skill brings our products around the world.
Since we start with bigger market, our factory is established with the sole objective of meeting the growing demands of buyers and the need to better control the quality and outcome of our furniture.
From our introduction video, easily see that all furniture frames are made of high quality commercial grade aluminum, which ensures the structural integrity and stability of each piece, all our wicker furniture is practically moved around because of its light weight; lasts for a long time because of the anti-rust element that aluminum has and finally, as a structure, it lasts longer than any other material, as it can withstand the highest and lowest temperatures.
The high quality fiberglass combined with best quality local cement material gives customer high quality and long last outdoor concrete furniture and planter.
At TDANG we believe that “quality comes first”, therefore, the basic goal of our quality controllers is to ensure that the products, services, and manufacturing processes provided, meet specific requirements. We strive to fulfill all the needs of each customer with long-term cooperative relationships.
We invite you to contact us with questions after viewing what we have to offer, we’re positive you’ll be as impressed with our sales team and our services!

wicker furniture manufacturer

We Care About Our Customers

We want you- our partners- to be as happy with Outdoor Wicker Furniture you buy from us as we are, and that means:

Building it right – Our people take years of training and practice to reach the level of consistency that we know you expect. This work environment is not something you can cultivate if your goal is to find the cheapest labor in the world.

Inspecting it right – Our people are dedicated to quality, and we spend almost as much time inspecting, cleaning, and perfecting finished pieces as we do building them. When wicker furniture goes out the door, we’ve made sure that all the edges line up, all the dangling threads are trimmed, and there are no lumps, bumps, or empty spaces in the upholstery.

Shipping it right – Our wicker furniture is hand-wrapped in PE bag, hand-packed on the feet and not on the sides, and shipped by our own fleet of trucks. We want to make sure that it reaches your warehouse in the same condition as when it left our warehouse.

Getting it to you quickly – We ship finished goods in four to six weeks, we also have a professional back office team, who are able to well handle custom and paper work for you.